Inventory control

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, lists and confusion.
Whether you have a 1 person company or a 100 person company, keeping control of inventory is essential to the smooth operation of any business.
OfficeBooks makes it simple. Upload any spreadsheets of data that you have or just start entering your items as you go. From then on, OfficeBooks will adjust your inventory automatically when anything is purchased, built or sold. Real-time inventory data, complete with current requirements to buy or build more inventory is available to everyone in your company that is using OfficeBooks.

  • Integrated
    OfficeBooks alerts you when a manufacturing work order is required. Creating work orders is a one-click process. If sub-components are required then OfficeBooks lets you know that you need to purchase them.
  • Automated
    Set minimums (re-order triggers). Economic Order Quantities (minimum order quantities). Easily see your current inventory levels, the on-order and sold quantities.
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Sales & quotes

A slick and professional looking quote can really set you apart from your competition.
OfficeBooks makes it simple to create a professional looking quotation. Instead of using a spreadsheet or word processor to generate quotes, you can benefit from the integrated contact and inventory data within your OfficeBooks account and avoid duplicating data entry efforts.

  • Professional Quotes
    OfficeBooks sends your quotations to your customers by email. They can review and accept your order online and you’ll get instant email notification that your quote has been accepted.
  • Reduced Data Entry
    When an order is received you simply need to verify the details against your quotation, and convert the quote into a sale (a 1-click process).
  • Sales Drive Action
    Once a sale is released, the OfficeBooks alerts system kicks in to ensure everyone on your team knows what they need to do to fulfill the order.
  • No Loose Ends
    Ready to ship your order? OfficeBooks handles all the inventory adjustments for you, provides a packing list to attach to your shipment, and prompts you to issue an invoice.
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Purchase orders

OfficeBooks makes it easy to create POs. Get professional looking purchase orders complete with your company logo and terms and conditions.
Just select your supplier and the items you want to purchase and press a button to send the PO out by email.

  • Instant comunication
    Your suppliers get instant email notification of the order you've placed. They can review and accept the order online. Your PO gets updated automatically so you know which vendors have accepted your orders and who you need to chase.
  • Simple and powerful
    If you subscribe to the full OfficeBooks suite, purchasing is integrated with your inventory control system. OfficeBooks prompts you to buy goods as required to satisfy any inventory shortages resulting from work orders or sales orders.
  • Control the value of orders placed
    With OfficeBooks, you can assign purchase order approval authority to your staff members and define the maximum value of orders they are permitted to approve. When users create a PO above their approval authority, a prompt is displayed on your system dashboard to alert you to the order that requires your review and approval.
  • Trace your orders
    From the initial RFQ to the vendor invoice - the complete cycle is captured by the OfficeBooks system. Stop wasting your time with spreadsheets or standalone software packages. Get started with OfficeBooks today.
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Accept credit cards

Within minutes of creating your OfficeBooks account you can start accepting credit card payments from your customers.

  • Collect payments
    Send emails to your customers directly from OfficeBooks. The invoice will include an embedded "pay now" link. It's simple for you and your customers. You can also quick charge users directly from OfficeBooks using the credit card information that they share with you.
  • Easy to use
    No merchant account required. Unlike most online solutions, OfficeBooks let's you accept credit cards with deposits going to your regular business (or personal) bank account.
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Contact management

OfficeBooks keeps all your contacts on the same list. Customers, suppliers, staff - all in the same place for quick and easy access.
You can get started quickly by importing contacts from MS Excel, or GMail.

  • Contact review
    Order history links within contact records allow you to quickly review your interactions with customers and suppliers.
  • Quick access to data
    Anyone in your trusted team can access the information required to help a customer, find a supplier or call a plumber.
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OfficeBooks offers an ever growing list of reports to help you monitor your business performance. We're always looking for new report ideas - so if we don't already have the reporting you need, just suggest a new report!

  • Flexible
    All reports can be run over a date range you define and can be exported in many formats including MS Excel, PDF, and HTML.
  • Out of the box
    Reports available include on time delivery (OTD), supplier on time delivery, shipments by customer, purchases by supplier, products sold by quantity or value, Purchased items by quantity or value, sales by customer and more (the list keeps growing).
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Outstanding support

We pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to support requests.
Helping users is fun and we gladly jump off the couch on a Sunday afternoon to reply to a question.
Small businesses run 7 days a week – we understand that and do our best to ensure users never have to wait until Monday for help.

  • Fast response
    Our guaranteed response time: Next business day.
    Typical response time: < 1 hour (usually a few minutes).
    Support modes: Email, phone, Google Chat, Google Hangouts, Join.me desktop sharing.
    Uptime (last 365 days): 99.9%
  • Always online
    We're here for you! Watching our emails and answering questions as fast as they come in. Have a question? Just ask.
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